THIRTEENTH FLOOR Corp. since 2015

From Cinematic to Interactive, we provide Stunning Virtual Reality experiences.

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현재 THIRTEENTH FLOOR Corp에서 지원하는 블록체인 프로젝트라고 주장하는 BlockVR.io와 저희회사는 아무런 관련이 없습니다. 이들은 저희 회사 임직원의 이름과 사진을 도용하여, 텔레그램, 트위터 등을 통해 사기행각을 벌이고 있으며, THIRTEENTH FLOOR와는 아무런 관련이 없으므로, 블록체인 코인 사기일 가능성이 매우 높습니다. 현재 법적 조치를 준비 중이므로, 이러한 사기행각에 피해를 입지 마시기를 당부 드립니다.

[Important Notice], which currently claims to be a blockchain project supported by THIRTEENTH FLOOR Corp, has nothing to do with our company. They steal the names and photos of our company’s employees and engage in fraud through Telegram and Twitter, and since they have nothing to do with THIRTEENTH FLOOR, it is highly likely to be a blockchain coin fraud. We are currently preparing for legal action, so please do not be damaged by such fraud.

[Важное замечание], который в настоящее время утверждает, что является проектом блокчейна, поддерживаемым THIRTEENTH FLOOR Corp., не имеет ничего общего с нашей компанией. Они крадут имена и фотографии сотрудников нашей компании и занимаются мошенничеством через Telegram и Twitter, и, поскольку они не имеют никакого отношения к ТРИНАДЦАТОМУ ЭТАЖУ, весьма вероятно, что это мошенничество с монетами на блокчейне. В настоящее время мы готовимся к судебному разбирательству, поэтому, пожалуйста, не пострадайте от такого мошенничества.


We’re a Experiential Media Group located in Seoul, Korea.
We provide World class VR experiences developed using sophisticated in-house technology.

Cinematic VR Content Production

Premium 360 VR Content Production
Immersive Audio Production
World-wide Travel Project
Music and Entertainment VR
Extreme and Motor Sports VR

Interactive VR Contents Production

Realtime Rendering VR Experience
Mixed Reality VR Experience
VR Game Development
Off-line VR User Experience Development
On-line VR User Experience Development

On-line Application Provide

Individual VR Application provide
Mental healthcare service provide(calm & immserse)
360 Live streaming service provide
H/W all in one package provide

Location Base Entertainment Business

Simulator applicable content
Multi device control software
VR Arcade & Simulator Provide
VR Cinema content & Solution
Operation Solution

We expand normal people’s experiential world by Immersive technology
Mission Statement


We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills,
and ideas to the table.


Benjamin Song


Noel Park


Jong-Kwan Kim


Mike Dowding

BUSINESS DEVELOPER / Head of International Business


Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your Virtual Reality business.

Mental Care VR

VR content created with the intent of providing a therapeutic escape from reality.

K-pop Themed LBE

An experiential VR theme park package that you enjoy with SM artists

Rhythm action VR game

New Paradigm That Allows Users To Feel The Rhythm
with battle mode and cool curated musics

VR content created with the intent of providing a therapeutic escape from reality.

A reliable high resolution 4k VR solution produced under the guidance of top Korean doctors using scenic nature content and equipped with optional EEG analysis technology.

Our solutions are being developed not only for patients in need of psychotherapy, but also for individuals dealing with high levels of stress and are in need of a break from everyday life.

We offer all-in-one packages for offline users that can display immediate feedback via HMD mounted EEG sensors, making it a viable option for companies concerned about the welfare of their employees.

An experiential VR theme park package that you enjoy with SM Entertainment Inc. artists

Go on dates with SM artists on Everland􏰀s best rollercoasters or a safari tour.

With immersive sound, be on the stage of a live concert, as if the artist is performing just for you.

By utilizing interactive UI, you can meet and interact with artists by combining CG and real life footages.

We provide not only the contents but also all hardware and operating software.

Introduces New Paradigm That Allows Users To Feel The Rhythm.

The players must use color-coded shields on both hands to block crystals flying towards them.

They can compete against players from all over the world on Global Leaderboard, and go head-to-head in real time in PvP mode, a first for a VR music rhythm action game.

available in Steam, Coming soon on PSVR, Oculus, Pico.



We believe our work speaks for itself. Watch our most recent Showreel below
and enjoy our handmade work with love for every detail.



We welcome you to contact us for more information
about any of our products or services.